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You’re an Entrepreneur. You and your business are unique. While others dreamed about it, you went out and did it. You’ve worked hard for years to build your business.  You’ve put in long hours, late nights, and taken tremendous risk to make it a profitable, attractive enterprise.

Now it’s time for the next chapter.

What you need is a trusted advisor to guide you through your options. Is your business ready?  Are you ready?

Harbinger has helped grateful business owners to get to the next chapter in their story. Let us help you too.

when it’s time for what’s next

Selling Your Business- Customized For You

​Selling your business is a big decision.  We always start with the ‘why’.  The ‘why’ helps us to focus on the outcome you want and to tailor our work for your industry, your business, and most importantly – you.

​We work with lower middle market companies with EBITDA greater than $1M annually. With our proprietary, PrepCheck, DealPlaybook, and DealGPS we’ll guide you through your options.

Our transaction sizes range from $5M-$100M.  If you’ve already been approached to sell, don’t move forward without speaking to us first.

each journey begins with one step

Exit Planning – Building Transferable Value

Most owners assume they will eventually sell their business. But how many businesses for sale actually sell?  The statistics aren’t pretty. How will you differentiate from the 350,000 other businesses that will be for sale over the next 10 years?

By building a transferable business now.  

Exit Planning is about understanding where additional value can be derived in your business while simultaneously de-risking what is likely your largest investment.

Together we can align your personal, business, and financial goals into an actionable plan to put you in control.

experience matters

David Walsh is Founder & Managing Director of Harbinger Partners, LLC.  He has been engaged in acquisition, integration, and divestiture from an operating perspective to transaction work for 34 years. He spent nine years as a Senior M&A Advisor for Woodbridge International completing assignments in consumer products, manufacturing, environmental services, specialized laboratory services, and the waste industries.  Previously he was SVP of Sales & Media Operations at Monster Worldwide where he prepared the company for Strategic Alternatives. He served as Vice President of Sales at United Site Services a $500M successful private equity consolidation.  Throughout his career David has been highly regarded for his significant operating and revenue improvements in a variety of senior roles with Iron Mountain, software and technology division of GE, EASEL, and analytical device divisions of Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Mr. Walsh is also currently Managing Director at Saddle Creek, LLC.  He holds a FINRA Series 79 and NASAA Series 63 License, is a Certified Exit Planning Advisor CEPA®, is a member of XPX Exit Planning Exchange, and a member of the Alliance of Merger & Acquisition Advisors AM&AA.

David Walsh

John Sipala is Managing Director of Harbinger Partners, LLC.  John spent 10 years as a Senior M&A Advisor for Woodbridge International. His work with Woodbridge included buy-side and sell-side engagements for companies and private equity firms in a variety of industries including information technology, business services, distribution and manufacturing. John has also served as Managing Director of Elite Investment Group, an investment banking firm focused on the middle market that he co-founded in 1996. He was also a Managing Partner of Saddle River Capital, a private investment firm, where he was responsible for all aspects of the investments and acquisitions of middle-market companies.  Prior entering the investment banking business, John held key management positions in a variety of public companies in industries that include manufacturing, business services, and retail.

Mr. Sipala is currently Founder & Managing Director at Saddle Creek, LLC, a boutique corporate advisory firm in New Jersey.  He holds a FINRA Series 79 and NASAA Series 63 License.

John Sipala

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